Careers at UMC Utrecht

Employees at UMC Utrecht fall within the scope of the collective labor agreement for university medical centers (Cao umc). We also have a number of special schemes and facilities, offering an attractive and extensive employment package. 

Income and insurance

In addition to your monthly salary and an annual holiday of 8% of your annual salary, UMC Utrecht gives its employees an end-of-year bonus of 8.3%. If you work irregular hours, you will receive an allowance 47% or 72% bonus.

Personal Budget

Every month you will receive 1.55 percent of your monthly salary as a personal budget. You can spend this budget on your sustainable employability and professional development. You can use the money to follow or course, but you can use it to go to the gym. This will ensure that you continue to work with pleasure in the future


Our pension plan is handled by 'ABP', the largest pension fund in the Netherlands. UMC Utrecht will pay 70% of the premium.

Health insurance

UMC Health Insurance offers good health insurance and supplementary packages at a competitive price. Both unions and employers can influence the price and specific contents of the package via the board of the health insurance company. Participation is on a voluntary basis.

Other insurance policies

Discounts are available from Centraal Beheer and OHRA on other forms of insurance, such as a car, travel, home or fire and theft insurance.

Travel costs

UMC Utrecht has a standard allowance of € 0,05 per kilometer to cover the costs of commuting. The ‘employment terms menu’, known as the ‘CAO à la carte’, makes it possible for you to supplement this allowance.

Employment terms menu – CAO ‘à la carte’

If you travel to work by bicycle, the ‘CAO à la carte’ allows you to buy a bicycle with tax benefit. Calculate your tax benefit by multiplying the tax rate by the cost price of your bicycle.
Besides the travel costs and bicycle scheme, our employment terms menu makes it possible for you to trade gross income for time, a personal internet plan or memberships in unions and professional associations.

Combining work and private life

We believe that a good balance between work and private life is important for our employees. That is why we offer schemes that help you find a healthy balance.

Flexible working hours and employment contracts

A full-time position at UMC Utrecht means that you work an average of 36 hours each week. Physicians, residents and medical specialists we have different arrangements. If you want to work part-time, that is usually possible in most cases. UMC Utrecht uses an annual hours system. You can discuss with your manager how you would like to distribute the number of working hours across the year, within the limits dictated by your job.


As a full-time employee at UMC Utrecht, you are entitled to approximately 21 vacation days per year (169 hours). In addition, there are six to nine public holidays per year. It goes without saying that we also provide the forms of leave that are required by law, such as parental leave and emergency care leave.

Our collective labor agreement (CAO) also makes provisions for (paid) leave for certain personal circumstances. Situations may also arise in which you might want to make agreements with your manager to arrange extra (unpaid) leave.


UMC Utrecht has its own childcare facility, which is located close to the university in a lovely, renovated farmhouse. It can accommodate a maximum of 100 children, aged 0-4.

Career opportunities

We have various ways of focusing on your performance, development and career opportunities. You will discuss your results and your preferences with your manager at least twice a year. Our Career Center also offers career guidance counseling and gives specific training courses. In the interest of facilitating internal promotions, job openings are initially made available only to our own staff.

Extra benefits

Apart from an interesting job and a successful career we offer additional benefits, such as in UMC!UIT.

A Company Cultural Subscription offers discounts on theatre, concert and performance tickets. After work, you can stay in shape by working out in our own gym or going to the Olympos Sports Complex, diagonally across from UMC Utrecht. Olympos offers some 60 sports to UMC Utrecht staff at a 40% discount. Besides UMC!UIT, the Leisure Association at UMC Utrecht organizes various activities, such as deep-sea fishing and weekend trips to foreign cities. UMC Utrecht also has a ‘Personnel Fund’. This is a fund financed by and instituted on behalf of employees. It is intended to offer employees financial support under favorable terms. UMC Utrecht is able to offer housing options for certain groups of employees, such as first-year student nurses, and employees coming in from abroad. UMC Utrecht also offers a wide range of facilities in the hospital to make your workday more enjoyable. This includes the Utrecht Medical Library, a company restaurant with outdoor seating area, various coffee corners, a flower shop and gift shops.

Energiek @ UMC is the vitality program of UMC Utrecht. To perform at work and beyond, you need energy. At UMC Utrecht, we want to want to keep all employees healthy. In order to realize this vision of vitality, UMC Utrecht is doing as much as possible to stimulate and facilitate a healthy lifestyle. The Energy @ UMC program can give each employee more energy. Because the program is modular, you determine the intensity yourself.

UMC Collective Labor Agreement

The full text of our UMC collective labor agreement is available on the website of the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU), the UMC employers’ organization. The English version you can find below Over de NFU,  beneath Personeel, Engelstalige CAO. See also our website for new employees.