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Vacancy number: 2017/0704
Apply to: September 14 2017
Education: University
Employment: Temporary position
Full-time/Part-time percentage: 100%

The professor of Urology will be active in patient care, education and translational research. The chair has a focus on functional Urology. The professor will manage the staff of Urology and of Pediatric Urology and will facilitate constructive collaboration with others. Partnership with the Oncologic Urology section is considered important to achieve the best care for the urological patient. Also for research purposes and for training of residents the cooperation is vital. Joining hands with other departments striving the same goal, i.e. restoration and preservation of function, within or outside the Division of Surgical Specialties will be further explored or initiated if feasible. Adolescent Urology will be developed further, in accordance with the natural growth of the patient group and the unique expertise in the UMC Utrecht. In addition, the Urology Department will continue to evolve to a tertiary care referral center for patients with functional disorders of the urinary tract. The professor will play a leading role in continuation and expansion of long-term follow up studies in young adults with congenital urologic disorders as a measure of quality control, using existing expertise. The search for answers to urodynamic dilemmas is another challenge and answers are needed to improve quality of life in patients with for example bladder emptying disorder. An active role in education is an important part of the job. The education of medical students is renewed and will be more focused on clinical practice and upcoming internships. The training of residents in urology is also important and will drastically change in the near future: the program will be highly individualized, requiring growing flexibility of the department as training institute. Different (optional) traineeships will be offered, i.e. urogynaecology in cooperation with the Bergman Clinics. Improved coordination with the internships within the Onderwijs- en Opleidingregio, (OOR) will be established.


The Division of Surgical Specialties is one of the eleven divisions within the UMC Utrecht. This Division contains seven clinical departments: General Surgery, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Urology, Otorhinolaryngology, Maxillofacial Surgery and Ophthalmology, as well as one science and education department: Anatomy. The ultimate mission of the Department of Urology is to preserve and restore the function of the urinary tract and to improve patient’s quality of life. The department will strive to new developments and new techniques in order to achieve this goal.


The candidate will manage two sections: Pediatric and Adult Urology. Substantive knowledge, clinical experience and appreciation of both areas is essential in bringing further prosperity. The candidate will be the representative of the department, able to work interdisciplinary and able to enter new partnerships. Also, ability to inspire, stimulate and unite is important. High quality of patient care, meeting all quality requirements, including those of the Joint Commission International, must be paramount. Skills in reconstructive surgery and experience in pediatric and adolescent urology is essential, as is a thorough knowledge of functional disorders of the urinary tract. The candidate needs to be involved in the education for medical students. Furthermore, the candidate is the intended tutor for residents in urology. Education at all levels needs to be a high priority. It is recommended that the candidate is aware of or involved in the development of the new training program for residents. In the scientific field, the candidate should be experienced in long term follow up studies of congenital disorders and have knowledge of the principles of tissue engineering. The candidate should be able to supervise PhD students and to cooperate with other specialties and disciplines, both nationally and internationally. The candidate needs to be able to obtain funding for scientific projects. An assessment on leadership competences will be part of the selection procedure. The UMC Utrecht uses a Qualification Portfolio for the appointment of new professors, as a replacement of the Curriculum Vitae. The reason for this is to get a more complete picture of future professors and to create a base for the evaluation of both quality and productivity in research, patient care, education and leadership. When any of the components of the Qualification Portfolio are not applicable for a candidate, these components can be left empty, with the exception of the component leadership, which is applicable for all candidates. The qualification portfolio from can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Rutten, email:

The salary for this 100% function is still to be determined. This job is based on a temporary position for 5 years.

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