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Vacancy number: 2017/0875
Apply to: November 12 2017
Education: University
Employment: Temporary position
Full-time/Part-time percentage: 100%

The post-doc will be responsible for the experimental part of the project funded by the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding). In this project we will use pulsed SILAC to estimate protein turnover rates in a proteome wide fashion, similar to what we have done in our recent paper by Visscher et al. (Cell Reports 2016). We will apply this technique to colorectal cancer organoids that have been genetically engineered to mimic various stages of tumor progression. In this way we aim to shed light on how tumors with an imbalanced genome (enuploidy) manage to maintain a viable proteome (protein homeostasis). This information will help to uncover which tumors might be responsive to treatment with inihibitors of the protein homeostasis network (e.g. proteasome or chaperone inhibitors).


The project is a collaboration between the Tobias Dansen and Hugo Snippert groups and the proteomics facility headed by Harmjan Vos. These groups are part of the department Molecular Cancer Research. The department is part of the Centre for Molecular Medicine and the Graduate School of Cancer Stem Cells and Developmental Biology. These institutes are home to world-leading research groups in cancer biology.


We are looking for a communicative candidate that preferably has a strong background in proteomics/ bioinformatics and has experience with wet-lab work (tissue/organoid culture, mass-spectrometry sample preparation). Because the project is a close collaboration with two research groups and the proteomics facility we are looking for a teamplayer with a broad interest in cancer biology.

The maximum salary for this position (100%) is € 4.216,00 gross per month based on full-time employment (work week 36 hours). This job is based on a temporary position for 2 years.


The position can be started as soon as possible. A part-time technician will be appointed on this project as well to assist with the experimental or bioinformatics work, dependent on, and complementary to, the specific skills of the hired post-doc.

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If you have any questions about this vacancy, please contact Mr.dr. T.B. Dansen, Associate Professor, phone 088-7555162. Email

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