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Vacancy number: 2017/0677
Apply to: September 05 2017
Education: University
Employment: Temporary position
Full-time/Part-time percentage: 100%

The care for hospitalized, vulnerable elderly patients can be improved, both locally and nationally. The Department of Geriatrics in the UMC Utrecht has a leading role nationally in the organization and innovation of care for the elderly, and there are opportunities to enlarge this role by implementing findings at a national level. The focus of the chair Clinical Geriatrics will be on optimizing the care for vulnerable elderly patients in hospital. The Chair will be expected to further expand the collaboration with the Circulatory Health program by improving patient care (through the development of a polypharmacy outpatient clinic with emphasis on cardiovascular risk management in the elderly, expansion of the Vascular Cognitive and Mobility Impairment (VCMI) outpatient clinic, and development of a screening program to identify vulnerability before major cardiovascular surgery) and by research activities focused on elderly patients with vascular problems. The chair Clinical Geriatrics will: coordinate and improve (on the basis of evidence-based findings) care for vulnerable elderly patients in the UMC Utrecht. This will involve close collaboration with other departments and divisions, and with the strategic theme “Patient safety and quality” of the UMC Utrecht; head the Department of Geriatrics; improve the healthcare chain between primary and secondary care with regard to elderly patients by implementing a Regional Transmural Agreement on “elderly care” in the region. This will involve close collaboration with other professionals working in this field; initiate and continue research in the field of geriatrics with a special focus on patient safety and cardiovascular disease in the elderly; coordinate the education and training of medical students, nurses, residents, fellows, and staff in the field of geriatric medicine and polypharmacy in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Pharmacy; be involved in the development and implementation of screening tools and effective interventions for the vulnerable elderly at a national level.


The chair Clinical Geriatrics will be positioned in the Division Internal Medicine and Dermatology (DIGD), which has 7 departments: Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases & Acute Internal Care/Center for Home Respiration, Van Creveldkliniek (center for benign hematology, thrombosis, and hemostasis), Rheumatology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, and Geriatrics. The Department of Geriatrics participates in the Circulatory Health program and with the strategic theme Patient Safety and Quality of the UMC Utrecht, which aims to improve management policy regarding care for hospitalized, vulnerable elderly patients. The chair Clinical Geriatrics will head the Department of Geriatrics.


For the above-mentioned tasks it is necessary that the candidate is a team-player and has shown he/she can successfully work closely together with clinicians and other health care professionals. He /she has excellent communicative and organizational skills, and experience in leading, managing and motivating a group of researchers. He/she has the qualities and skills to valorize the acquired knowledge and management skills and experience in financial management required to lead a research group. You also have an outstanding record as geriatrician with specific expertise in the field of vulnerable, elderly patients. This should be exemplified by demonstrable achievements in improving the standard of patient care at least on a national level and by having participated in the development of national consensus guidelines. You have demonstrable specific expertise in the field of cardiovascular disease in elderly individuals. You have demonstrable expertise in the design and setting-up of clinical databases, as evidenced by publications in top international journals and in oral presentations. You have extensive experience in educating and training medical professionals. You have the people and result oriented leadership competences in line with the connecting leaders requirements to lead the multidisciplinary team of the Department of Geriatrics. An assessment for leadership competences will be part of the selection procedure. The UMC Utrecht uses a Qualification Portfolio for the appointment of new professors, as a replacement of the Curriculum Vitae. The reason for this is to get a more complete picture of future professors and to create a base for the evaluation of both quality and productivity in research, patient care, education and leadership. When any of the components of the Qualification Portfolio are not applicable for a candidate, these components can be left empty, with the exception of the component leadership, which is applicable for all candidates. The qualification portfolio from can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Rutten, email:

The salary for this 100% function is still to be determined. This job is based on a temporary position for 5 years.

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