Careers at UMC Utrecht

​Before applying for a job, you can explore the options offered at UMC Utrecht in more detail. Extensive information is available on our website.


If you would like to contact the Recruitment department personally, please call our free job information line during office hours at 0800-2500025 (only in the Netherlands).

Application by E-mail

You can E-mail your application, cover letter and CV to [email protected]  but we prefer receiving your application by the applicationform.

Your job application will be delivered to our central Personnel & Organization (P&O) office. They make sure it ends up in the right place. As soon as possible, we will send you a confirmation that your application has been received and let you know about any next steps. If you are invited for an initial interview, it will generally be conducted with your potential future manager and a colleague. In some cases, a P&O advisor will also sit in on the interview, or a second interview will be conducted. You may be asked to take a psychological evaluation test.

Certificate of Good Behavior

Before making a definitive decision about a job applicant, UMC Utrecht requires a Certificate of Good Behavior (abbreviated to VOG in Dutch). The Dutch Minister of Justice issues this certificate after a check shows that you have not committed any offenses that would prevent you from being allowed to do the job in question.

You will receive an application form from UMC Utrecht. You can apply for a VOG by submitting the completed application to the Population/Public Affairs Department of the municipality in which you are registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database.