Careers at UMC Utrecht

​As you become familiar with UMC Utrecht, you will quickly discover that we are much more than just a hospital. Working in an academic setting means operating in  breeding grounds for innovation. Health care, education and research are all integrated into a single organization. We have a clearly defined mission with three spearheads:

  1. Providing high-quality care, always focusing on the patient and on select areas of health care that follow from the primary research programs. 
  2. Offering differentiated, high-quality, prominent degree programs that are student-oriented, integrating university degrees with specialized programs and professional training.
  3. Conducting groundbreaking research in seven specific fields, focusing on biomedical image sciences, immunology and infectious diseases, cardiovascular sciences, biomedical genetics, clinical epidemiology, neurosciences and oncology.


In the areas of research and education, the AZU hospital and WKZ children’s hospital work closely with the Faculty of Medicine at Utrecht University. Together they comprise UMC Utrecht. This allows a vast range of different disciplines (employing nearly 11,000 people) to learn from each other and work together to expand their horizons.

The interaction between health care, education and research not only enhances patient care, but also benefits our employees. It keeps them alert and active, always ensuring access to the very latest knowledge and insights. This presents unparalleled opportunities for development.