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Privacy conditions

UMC Utrecht utilizes the personal details you enter on the site in order to process your application or send you job vacancies. Your information will not be used for any other purpose and will never be made available to persons outside of UMC Utrecht. Please send us only the information that is relevant to and necessary for your application.

As part of the application procedure, we will seek references and, where appropriate, consult the IGZ register (Healthcare Inspectorate register).

Targeted application
We retain your information for the duration of the whole application process. Your information is only accessible to those involved during the application period. Your information will be deleted within three months after the position has been filled. In some cases, we may ask for your permission to keep your information on file. If you give your permission, your information will be anonymized and stored in our applicant database for three months. You will then be available as an open applicant for other divisions and directorates. Managers can view this applicant database, request your details, and may approach you regarding a position. After a year, your details will be destroyed.

Open application
We keep your details for a year. After this year, your details will be destroyed.

NVP Recruitment Code
UMC Utrecht adheres to the NVP Recruitment Code. This Code sets out the fundamental rules to which organizations and applicants must adhere in relation to the recruitment and selection of new employees, according to the Dutch Association for Personnel Management & Organizational Development (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Personeelsmanagement & Organisatieontwikkeling (NVP)). 


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