Research Technician neuronal cell culture and antibody generation

Research Technician neuronal cell culture and antibody generation

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Dit ga je doen

We offer a position for a research technician to join our complement team to set up co-cultures of neuronal cells, and the UMAB facility for the generation of new monoclonal antibodies.

A technician (HBO) trained in cellular (cell culture, transfection/transduction, flow cytometry) and molecular biological techniques.

You do not need to have years of experience, as long as you can work accurate and are flexible and like to learn new techniques. Affinity with (long) cell cultures is a must. 

Hier ga je werken

The technician will be part of the Antibody Therapy group led by Professor Jeanette Leusen at UMC Utrecht. You will collaborate closely with our team researching the role of complement in neuroinflammatory diseases. Specifically, you will work alongside the senior technician of the iPCS lab, to establish neuronal co-cultures with iPSC-derived motor neurons, sensory neurons, Schwann cells, and astrocytes. Our methods include iPSC cultures, immunohistochemistry and microscopy to evaluate these cell types. All individual iPSC cultures are operational, and all stainings required to characterize these cell types are in place. The complement team will utilize these co-cultures to further investigate complement activation within various neuroinflammatory disease contexts. 
Furthermore, you will work closely with the senior technician of the UMCU Monoclonal antibody facility UMAB. UMAB is the facility of the CTI, Center for Translational Immunology of the UMCU, but also the facility for ONCODE researchers. UMAB can generate new monoclonal antibodies on request, ranging for antibodies used for research, diagnostics or therapy. We use a unique cellular immunization strategy of mice, to produce high affinity, very specific antibodies, Screening of serum and hybridoma titers will be done by FACS (flow cytometry), and hybridomas will be cultured, subcloned end sequenced, so antibodies can be produced recombinantly. All these techniques are up and running within the UMAB facility.

Dit neem je mee

You are a teamplayer and are eager to learn. You have a high efficiency and reproducibility level in the lab. A professional level of proficiency in English (written and spoken) is recommended. You can think analytically and have problem-solving skills. You will work in an enthusiastic group of 20 people, post-docs, technicians and PhD students.

Dit bieden we jou

  • A salary between €2975 and €4214 gross per month (salary scale 7M), based on full-time employment (36 hours).
  • Year-end bonus of 8.3% and holiday allowance of 8%. 
  • Pension insurance with ABP. We take care of approximately 70% of the monthly contribution.
  • Access to a variety of online courses through GoodHabitz. 
  • The option to select additional employment benefits in exchange for gross salary, such as purchasing a bicycle and memberships.

Questions can preferably be asked via e-mail. Vacancy selection will take place after August 9 due to the vacation period.

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Wij geloven in de kracht van een divers team waarin ruimte is voor verschillende vaardigheden, expertises, sociale en culturele achtergronden. Wij zijn benieuwd naar jou!

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